Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hujan Hari Ni

Hari ni lambat pula sampai ofis. Ni semua gara-gara hujan di pertengahan jalan tadi. Hari ni memamng cuaca mendung je di Putrajaya, mendung ok lagi ni hujan.

Takpe, semua tu kan rahmat dariNya. Paling best, baru je keluar dari area Putrajaya terus hujan lebat. So terpaksa la stop dekat stesen bas tukar seragam hujan lak.

Wait hujan reda sikit dan terus memecut laju. Paling best lagi.. Masuk je area sungai besi, jalan kering je. Means no rain la. Hais.. Memang menguji kesabaran di pagi hari la kan. ;)

So, tukar balik baju kerja dan naik LRT ke Masjid Jamek. Alhamdulillah, orang dah tak ramai. Sampai ofis rupanya masih awal. Apa lagi, sambung pentes sistem la.

 Sakit hati lagi bila slow je server. Sabo je la dengan kerenah kerja yang menguji kesabaran nih. :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First Week At Training Center

Salam and hello all. Last week is the first week i learn at training center. I'm studied about SQL.
What is SQL?
SQL is sequencial query language that use for database.

What is database? 
Database is collection of data. Data is plural while datum is singular.

Database will be manage using DBMS that's stand for database management system. DBMS use to manage the database like insert,update,delete and many more function.

There are so many functions can be use, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, SET, TOP and some more that are very usefull for us to understand the SQL query.

How about my route?
Everyday i need to wake-up early at 5.30 and take a  bathing then prepare to go to the bus stop. On the bus, i taking time to sleep because around half-one hour to arrived at KLCC.

At KLCC, i need to take LRT Putra and go to LRT Asia Jaya station. As usual, early morning will be crowded with people that busy to go for working same with me. So, i need to be more patients.

Around 15 minutes i arrived at Asia Jaya station. Then i need to walk to CADD Training Centre that 1km from the station.

At 8.00 i will arrived in front the training centre building and take a breakfast while waiting other's come. Hmmm.. i always the first one who come early. The rest will come late or on time.

Why i so lazy to write now... arghhhh... have something to do.. URGENT! seee u guys later... daaaa

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Firt Post

I'm nizam fresh graduated student on Degree of Software Engineering. Now i'm trainning sql, JAVA and JSP at one of the training center in Malaysia that sponsored my training.

This is the training program that help fresh graduate student, unemployed to get more knowledge in their course and get a job for them.

Just now i'm very enjoyed my learning. But a so tired because need to walk and take a train and bus to go to that company.

It take around 1 hour to arrived at my training center. So you can imagine how tired i'm. :)
I think that's all for today and see you at next post. Bye. ;)